Dream Patrol-Phantoms Of The Past Review

dream patrol - pahntoms of the past.jpg

Dream Patrol kicks things off with a solid one two, meaty punch, anthemic, and definitely a number that is going to get the crowd going when performed live. Get Back Home is similar, though slightly slower and more reflective. Tattooed Millionaire from Panama has real Van Halen grooves, and as such swings and dances from point to point. The Shortest Straw swings, flits, and taunts. Phantoms Of The Past is a rocker, big guitar licks, and some serious vocal work. Lost Child is softer, and more reflective with the instrumentation reflective of the vocals.

Stand Up and Fight has fast paced riffs, and anthems in the chorus and vocals, some serious rockiness. Time Is A Healer is slower and more thoughtful, a ballad as it were, but with added bite. Piece of Paradise is anthemic, with big choral vocals, and a huge riff. Is That The Thanks I Get is slower, a cynical take on things, and a very fitting vocal line. Playing With Fire is filled with energy, hard rocking power, and solid vocal performances. Haunted Tower is a groover, with some nice little flicks and flourishes, a fitting closer.

The album is out on 21st September via Mighty Music.

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