Terra Incognita- Fragments Of A Ruined Mind Review


Strahd’s Revenge is big, orchestral and dynamic really adding to the sense that something epic is about to happen. My Emptiness follows, with duelling guitars, soaring vocals and a blistering rhythm section, it truly is an impressive song. In The Mist is more reflective, with the melodies, and instrumentation reflecting this desire, whilst bringing a pulsating riff to the fore. The Word has a driving riff, with a biting vocal presence. A Day Without Loss is mournful and thoughtful. Conqueror is big, jagged riffs, and pulsating melodies and rhythms, bringing metal to the modern age.

Life Begins Again is haunting, with the guitars and instrumentation providing the perfect balance for the vocals. The Midnight Lies is fast, coarse and heavy. Covenant is slower, darker, and brutal, with the guitars really fitting themselves within the context of the vocals. Sign With Blood is heavy, the guitars are brutal, the vocals fit themselves well within this context, and the band really soars on this song. My Ruined Mind is big, bombastic and precise in delivery.

The album is out now.

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