June 1974- Nemesi Review

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Sognando Klimt is an interesting experience, starting with clean licks, before journeying into some complex guitar harmonies and diverse melodies, an interesting start to the album. Inobuliable starts with a soft piano based introduction before moving into some pure heaviness, whilst the intro continues playing, it shifts and turns, bringing the darkness and the light concept idea to life. Narciso is brutal, with jagged riffs, but with that element of hope, and the idea that superheroes do exist. Home starts off softer, in a major key, combining elements of light, and softness, whilst retaining that edge that has become a staple. Panorama begins with the heavy drum beat, and the guitars fading in, with some brutality, it brings the edge and chaos. Nothing Man starts off soft, before getting full on psychedelic and edgy. Death Note combines heaviness, melody and the orient together to bring some very interesting concepts to life.

Arcadia starts with the piano melody, a nice little hook as the strings bring in the guitar riff and the insane drumming pattern, a little bit of hope and happiness mixed in with the insanity. Creed is heavy, mixed with orchestral sounds, to bring something light, and something dark. Beloved is a nice closer, light, and well tuned.

The album is out now via Visionaire Records.

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