Drowned-7th Review


Brazilian metal legends Drowned return with their seventh album, a trip into what makes the band tick. It starts with slow sludge like riffs in The Bitter Art of Detestation, which slowly builds into a crescendo bringing some heaviness and crushing brutality to the fore. Rage Before Some Hope is tribal, the riffs are jagged, the vocals are terrifying, and there is just a hint of something sinister about the song. Toothless Messiah has the qualities of an epic song, the guitars shred into harmonies and the vocals are big and orchestral. Murder, Sex, Hate and More is a call to arms, for depravity and so much more with sludge-like guitar riffs and fast pounding drum beats. Violent March of Chaos shifts tones, bleeding in from one end and changing to another, shifting rhythms and melodies seamlessly. Damaged Wood Coffin is sinister, moving slowly, in the beginning before amping things up several notches to bring the heaviness to the fore.

Epidemic and God Selfishness is a slant at the world, bringing crushing riffs and pounding melodies to the fore and insisting that the people listen to what is being said. Elitist Heaven Ruled By Devil is an interesting story, a sojourn into the chaotic mind of the world, with headbang worthy riffs and some solid play of words and phrases. Timebomb Conscience is big on the riffs and light on certain other aspects, an interesting trip within the solar sphere. KRH317 is heavy, brutal and chaotic. Ministry of National Inquisition is a history lesson delivered with killer riffs and brutal vocal lines.

The album is out on 15th June via Greyhaze Records.

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