Lizzy Borden-My Midnight Things Review

Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things.jpg

Heavy metal legend Lizzy Borden is back with a thumping new album in My Midnight Things. The title track kicks things off, with some smooth guitar licks, the drums start the beat, and the listener is immediately hooked with the growing sense that this is going to be one hell of an album. When the vocals kick in the chilling and haunting vibe of the song really sinks in, from there it is a rocker. Obsessed With Your is classic metal from the eighties, shifting turns between heavy, and melodic, ensuring the listener as some catchy lyrics to sing. Long May They Haunt Us is a shifting, changing melodic song that has hints of melancholy to it. The Scar Across My Heart is anthemic, with big booming vocals, shifting, changing melodies and a solid riff. A Stranger To Love is the song that will get a filling when played live. Big choruses, big vocal hooks and massive guitar parts ensure this is a stand out track. The Perfect Poison is another catchy number, shifting between tones and melodies, with a soaring guitar lead.

Run Away With Me, is a slower number, thoughtful, melancholic, and desperately searching, the instrumentation is definitely fitting for the song, shifting through tones and voices. Our Love Is God is a shifting, bombastic rocker, with fat riffs and a searing vocal hook. My Midnight Things Reprise, is slower, but just as haunting, acoustic melodies, shifting vocal tones and all. We Belong To The Shadows has a choral vocal introduction, that sets the tone as the guitars kick in ensuring the rock and roll fill keeps the song rocking and grooving.

The album is out on 15th June via Metal Blade Records. Be sure to get it.

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