Heroes Don’t Ask Why-Sound of A Broken Heart Review

HDAW- Sound Of A Broken Heart cover

Finland’s own Heroes Don’t Ask Why are back with a new EP, and this one is sure to be an entertaining one. Poisoned Well is dark and brooding, the guitars are heavy, pounding and solid riff based monsters. There is every indication that something monstrous is brewing in the song throughout, the vocals are compelling. Twisted Paradise is a thrashy masterpiece combining dark pounding riffs, with melodic harmonies, the vocals once again produce bite and sneer. 15th of May is distorted hellish madness, bringing with it, some subtler melodic elements. My Dear Friend is martial, a snarling monster of a song, with big riffs, and bigger hooks.

Wooden Box is a dance between melodies, and desperation, with a creeping sense of heaviness lurking in the distance. Blink Of An Eye is a metal masterclass, with hinted darkness throughout, the song is quite compelling and truly a marvel of melodies and riffs. Title track Sound of a Broken Heart will be a melodic, anthemic and a great sing along song when the band plays live.

The EP will be out on 15th May.

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