Sign Of The Jackal-Breaking The Spell


Reagan is the start of this seminal album, an organ with demonic undertones, or overtones, with the manic riffs that underlie it. It moves into the fast and pounding Night Curse, with its frantic riffs and sledgehammer drums, to ensure that things are kept interesting, the vocals are sharp and impressive. Class of 1999 is a good old rocker and shocker, right to the point with the impressive riffs and rhythms of good old numbers.

Mark Of The Beast is big, thrashy and quick, producing the sort of metal awesomeness that was commonplace throughout the eighties. Heavy Rocker is another anthem, Judas Priest is written all over this song, and it is sure to be a hit when played live. Nightmare is big, pounding and grooving, the guitars sing, the drums make the listener move their head and the vocals tell a fascinating story.

Terror at the Metropol is dark, cinematic, and a horror song in the waiting, with its absolutely ripping guitar riffs and grooving rhythms, the story and stage are set for the vocals to really tell the story of the terror. Beyond The Door is oldschool thrash with pounding guitars, fast rhythm and a screecher of a vocal. Headbangers is fast, moving and an absolute shaker of a song a great way to end the album.

The album comes out on 9th June via Dying Victims Productions.

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