Battleroar-Codex Epicus


Since 2000 BattleRoar have been Greece’s premier metal band and with their new album Codex Epicus they prove once again why that is the case.

Awakening the Muse starts things off with a discordant piano, and some string and choral effects, building the sense of anticipation for the listener. We Shall Conquer starts with a beast of a riff, the vocal line is precise and sharp, and the song overall just conjures up images of pure unadulterated metal. Sword of The Flame contains an acoustic intro, some duelling guitars, and a classic discordant vocal that builds anticipation. It moves into slow grooving metal, with the darkness of the riffs leading the way.

Chronicles Of Might starts with pounding drums and bass, creating a jungle themed song from the off that builds anticipation. The song moves into the epic gallop that would make Maiden proud. The Doom of Medusa is anthemic. From the off the guitars with their subtle shifts and turns build the monstrosity from the ground up, when they get heavy the vocals provide the kick in the face. Palace Of The Martyrs starts with thundering boots marching, before leaning into the harmonised guitars of rage that turn this song into an epic from the get.

Kings of Old is a folky, choral song, the acoustic guitar lends itself here, as the band experiment with the epic metal range. Building into a crescendo that suitably leaves the listeners jaw on the floor. Enchanting Threnody starts with a flute/wind instrument introduction, making one think that they are either venturing into Arabian NIghts or into a battle field. When the band joins, it becomes clear that the song is meant to embue epicness. Strong riffs and pounding rhythms are a feature of the song. Stronghold is a mix of the orient and classic power, shifting through strands of time to ensure complete metal overload, a fitting closer.

This brilliant album will be released on 15th June via Cruz del Sur Music.

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