Necrytis- Dread En Ruin Review

Dateivorlage für Booklet

The power metal band have emerged with an album that is fit for the times. The cover depicts some sort of mass happening over a human corpse, a more fitting image, I do not think you will find.

Starting with the frantic one-two of Starshine, the band show that they mean business, the guitars are full and powerful, the drums are sharp and precise, and the vocals soar, a story unfolds across the six minutes that the song lasts, so that by its conclusion the listener is left wanting more. Necrytis starts with the hyper vocal line, before moving into fast moving guitar based leads, with shredding solos and a dual guitar riff. The rhythms are sharp, and the vocals tell the story of something manic and chaotic. Blood In The Well is epic, a story that unfolds over the course of the song, bringing blinding melodies, guitar leads and vocal lines all within a short package.

Call Us Insanity is fast paced, with the sharp military drumming of precision, the guitars break out into leads, duelling across the song, to bring something new to the band. The vocals tell a story, a taunting, mesmerising story, one that might well be a favourite of the crowds when played live. Odyssey Divine is Maiden inspired, and perhaps even better than some of that classic band’s work, with pounding rhythms, harmonised guitars, and a vocal line to make Bruce Dickinson jealous there is something there for everyone. Heresiarch Profane, starts with an organ, and the staccato of the drums, it then goes quiet before fading in with some solid guitar licks, and a truly epic vocal melody to finish the album on a high.

With this album, Necrytis have achieved something special, be sure to get the album when it is released on 29th June via Pure Steel Records.

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