Circenses-Tight Rope Walk On The Ground


High Center of Gravity is soft and melodic, belying the aggression that is to follow, calm and peaceful, there is an element of something deeper, and darker there. Kill The Words has the jagged riffs and the rampant rhythm and discordant piano of classic death and black metal, the vocals are giant-esque. Lunacy is a dance between heaviness and melody, somewhere between space and time, with the guitars and the strings playing off of one another. Tightrope Walk On The Ground is moving, with a headbang worthy riff, and a little bit of spice found in the piano melodies. From Darkness To Joy reflects the song title, the music shifts between gears, hopeful, dark, desperate and then a little bit of light as the guitars once again duel against the lighter instrumentation.

Sleep My Demon is chaotic, dark and desperate, the guitars strike the right sort of discordant tone, and bleed through into the vocals which are sharp, and serious. Disordered is a mix of strings and melodies, and brutal riffage that brings about the mosh pit of sense. My Mask starts softly, with strings and guitar dancing off one another, but then moves up a gear, or several, finally stepping into serious territory on the mosh worthy riff. Swallow Your Pride is a good closer, suitably epic, with big guitars, and sharp vocals, and precise melodies from the strings.

The album is out now via Inverse Records.

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