Count Raven-High On Infinity

Count Raven - High on Infinity.jpg

Another classic getting the reissue treatment, this time 1994 seminal High On Infinity.

Starting with the pounding and intoxicating Jen, it is clear that the band mean business. The riffs are precise and ground shattering and the vocals are sincerely some of the best that the doom metal genre has produced. Children’s Holocaust mix of clean guitars, and the bass riff leading the way is a unique mix, and one that Count Raven pull off very well, the vocals are dark and menacing adding to the picture. In Honour is solid thumping metal with big riffs and bigger rhythms. The Madman from Waco is a story and a half, mixed with crushing grooves and solid thumping metal. Masters of All Evil is big, anthemic and driving, the guitars and the synths do their work fabulously. Ode to Rebecca is dark, sad and a menacing tribute. Title track High On Infinity is a dance through metal, with big speeding riffs, thumping melodies and rhythms and a brilliant vocal performance.

An Ordinary Loser is dark, melancholic and the instrumentation perfectly reflects this with the dark tremors of the guitars and the mournful vocals. Traitor is a mix, the bass kicks in with some dark grooves, the vocals are rampant and chaotic, and the guitars are seering. The Dance is slightly more melodic, with the clean licks interchanging with darkened moods and melodies. The Coming is classic doom, the riffs are satanic and the vocals are big and broad. Lost World is grooving, moving and shaking. Cosmos is a jangling, darkened affair that shows off the best of the guitars, the vocals and the entire band. Chrittes Triumph is darkened groove, and a beautiful song with an amazing melody.

The album is out on June 15th via Metal Blade Records.

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