Black Book Lodge-Steeple and Spire Review

Black Book Lodge - Steeple And Spire.jpg

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Black Book Lodge are not easily placed in any genre, which makes their new record Steeple and Spire all the more interesting.

Weightless PT 1 is a trip, from the banging drums, to the deep melodious guitars and the vocals, it sets the scene perfectly. Pt II is slightly slower, darker and brooding, with the guitars creating the right atmosphere for the sort of breakneck intensity that one might expect from such a song. The Tower Bell moves and grooves, and dances from one element to another, creating an interesting filter that bleeds through into one thing and then another. Title track Steeple and Spire is grooving, and riff orientated, and makes music sing. Spoil The Child is interesting, moving between one element and then another, whilst retaining some sense of the unknown.

In Halves is dark, chaotic and frantic, the guitars reflect the curious case of all that is happening within the song. Walls is deep, brooding and melodic. Teething is mathematical, with big guitar riffs, bigger drums and a punching melody. Sum of Every I is a unique take on something that has been done before, and filters through, matching the unpredictability of the band.

The album is out on 18th May via Mighty Music.

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