Satori Junk

Satori Junk-The Golden Dwarf Review


Italian based Doom Acid Metal band Satori Junk are back with their new album The Golden Dwarf, and boy is it an experience.

The Intro is a spoken word clip, that introduces the album, with some haunting warnings. All Gods Die is slow to start, the instrumentation mixes haunting melodies, with piercing precision to create, something definitely acidic. The guitars create the horror that the lyrics sing of. When the heaviness kicks in the listener knows, this song blares through from one end to another, a true heavy opener. Cosmic Prison is a layer of solid sludge, guitars and drums in synch, the vocals tell the story of something horrifying and gruesome. Blood Red Shrine is a trip, the guitars, the drums the rhythm of the song is slow, with something like death creeping up on you, ready to pounce and take everything to the next level.

Death Dog has swagger and groove the guitars and the drums carry the song aptly. The Golden Dwarf is the title track, and it makes everything that much more interesting, eerie, anthemic and heavy all at once, something that really carries over and makes things sing properly. Light My Fire is a heavy mix of the classic Doors song mixed with Satori Junk’s own unique style, a fitting tribute.

The album is out on 10th May via Endless Winter.

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