SuuM-Buried Into The Grave Review


Suum are Italian doom metal legends, who have proven on this new record that they deserve their place in the pantheon of greatness.

Starting with an absolute monster of a song in Tower of Oblivion, it is clear from the moment the thunder rolls in and the bass and guitars kick in that the band means business. This is an absolutely terrifying piece of metal from the band, and demonstrates their skills and capabilities excellently. Black Mist is a shake through, a story and a journey that is based on a moving set of parts, riffs and melodies that create the ultimate doom metal track. Title track Buried Into The Grave is a chilling piece, mixing groovy, and doom-laden riffs, with precise rhythms and vocal points, it is a song that is sure to get people moving.

Last Sacrifice is a dance through the movements, precise, brilliant and earth-shattering in its simplicity. Seeds of Decay is a slow-moving, growling song that brings out some of the meatiest riffs that have been in metal as of late. The Woods Are Waiting is a patient, precise and slow-moving instrumental track that does much to set an interval between proceedings.  Shadows Haunt The Night is a thumping monster of a song, brimming with riffs and heaviness, filled with potents and all sorts of dark and dangerous things, a sure sign that things are progressing.

The album is out now via Endless Winter and Hellas Records.

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