Tantal-Ruin Review

Hailing from Moscow, Tantal have spent the better part of a decade honing their craft, and have now presented the end result in their self-released album Ruin.

The fury and the riff song of Constant Failure creates a sense of anticipation for the listener, as they begin expecting more and more from the song, and with its shivering lyrics and vocal melodies, they are not disappointed. Denial begins with a piano introduction, shifting through from that toward something that could count as a mix of heaviness, with the vocals shifting through various stages of pain, sadness and anger. Torn Inside is a song built on a solid riff and an enticing vocal performance. Drained begins with an acoustic introduction, that moves seamlessly into a heavy onslaught of guitars and soaring vocals. Torpid is slower than other songs on the record so far, the drums play a leading role in bringing the music forward, whilst the guitars dance on the slower more penchant riffs. The vocals take you on a journey that reflects the speed and feel of the song.

A Hopeful Lie is fast, a rocker mixed with some dark lyrical attitudes and symbolism. Bringing forward some of the heavier elements of the band, it is a good song to perform live. Low is melancholic, brooding and generally something that one might find from a Gothic Metal band, a classic in the making. Title track Ruin is a riff fest, with some serious changes in melodies and standards making it a song that is sure to get some serious love when played live. Tears of Yesterday is a mix of acoustic ballad, and downright heaviness, the vocals, the instrumentation all combine to bring a sense of something more lurking beneath the surface. The Awakening continues on a similar theme as Tears of Yesterday mixing acoustic melodies with sharp, jagged vocal lines to create a sense of despair but also one that could potentially bring something epic when played live.

The album is one that you must get, it is already released and is available now!

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