Monsterworks-Scale and Probability Review

This is Monsterworks Sixteenth album and boy is it a trip. Starting off with the great echo of The Great Silence, the band mesh subtle interludes of the guitar, with fresh bounds of the synth, before moving up a notch to produce something that is equally heavy, terrifying and downright defying. A brilliant opener. Weight of Emptiness brings the scientific formulas to the fore, with its slow sludge riffs, and its dark growling vocals, the band are shining on this song. Cosmic Deadly Probe is distorted fuzz and a mesh of fast-paced riffage and carnage.

The Revea is an exercise in riff construction, going for big chunky blocks, to the creation of a pattern and a melody that carries the song as the vocals build up and take the song to new levels. All Truths Be True is a mix of Dream Theater esque maths metal and dark grunge that fits the patterns quite well, and ensures the listener is kept hooked. Ockham’s Razor clocks in at twelve and a half minutes, and takes the listener on a journey, ranging from slow and melodic before cartwheeling into heaviness.

Album comes out on 4th May via Eat Lead and Die Music.

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