Edge of Ever-We Came With The Flood Review

Cover %22We Came With The Flood%22 1400x1400.jpeg

A mix of Iron Maiden and Symphony X this Greek and German metal band are venturing forth into new waters on their new album. With fifteen songs on the record, the band aren’t wasting any time. A Distant Thunder begins with thunder-appropriately enough- before moving into harmonised guitars that create an element of suspense and anticipation. We Came With The Flood has harmonised and melodic guitars, galloping rhythms, and soaring vocals, an absolute belter of a song.  Pitch Black Destiny is fast, ferocious and a chance for the band to show off their obvious talents. Je Suis Anglogreekrustican is a song filled with swagger in the riffs, the lyrical phrasing and the beat of the song. Slavephone is a take on the modern trend of the digital smartphone and its effects on humanity. A compelling take, a journey through musical styles from chaotic, to thrashy, a brilliant song.

The World Will Die Even Without You starts with a piano intro, the melody creating that sense of melancholy an despair, with the guitars coming in thumping, before moving into a harmonised guitar lick. The song is in a word, epic. My Leech is heavy, furious and dark, the riffs are sonically pleasing and the vocals are well matched to the song. Live it Or Leave It, is dark, unsettling and truly a heavy metal masterpiece. Forsaken is fast and frantic the vocals reflect this brilliantly. Infinite Pledges is chaotic, the guitars thrash out, and the drums compete with them.

The Weather Maker is a journey through the sonicsphere, a journey and a half as the vocals soar and quieten, and the guitars lead the way with swagger and plomb. The Paintbox is another story, a fitting one that explores all sorts of avenues and melodies. Vegantichrist is an interesting song, a mix of plomb and bombast, it contains all the hallmarks of a song that would go down exceptionally well live. Maidens on The Edge is a fitting tribute to Iron Maiden combining elements of their style with lyrical themes from their songs. The Silence is taunting, haunting and dark, a fitting closer to this record.

Be sure to get the album when it is released on 22nd June via Mighty Music.

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