Death Wheelers

Death Wheelers- I Tread On Your Grave Review

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It’s a mixture of rock and roll biker mentality infused with balls to the walls, no frills rock and metal. That’s the best way to describe I Tread On Your Grave, the new album by The Death Wheelers.

Starting with the slow sludge grooving riffs of I Tread On Your Grave, it is evident that Death Wheelers mean business. The song contains some simply brilliant elements, the riffs are interchanged with precision, the tempo changes are well mapped and the vocals are on fire. 13 Discycles is somewhere between a blitz and a marathon. With the spoken word intro and the piercing riffs, the song is one that is sure to get people moving when played live. Roadkill is fast and furious the guitars lead the song here. Sleazy Rider Returns is a mix of the biker riff and the jam of a speakeasy.  Deaf Wheelers is slow, filled with sludge and drudgery, a true stoner anthem. Black Crack is a story mixed with riffs, point blank piss taking and other such comedic items that makes this song a catchy number.

Moto Vampiro is a mix of trail blazing rock, with some very catchy melodies thrown in for good size, and a pounding fist pumping excursion. Purple Wings is a dance between sludge and psychedelic jamming. Backstabber works between the talking points, and an electric riff that moves one way, then the next whilst the drums keep the frenetic energy alive. RIP is a furious jammer of a song, mixing all sorts of elements and producing a masterpiece. Moby Dick is a jam, a song that moves between the corners.

The album is out on May 11th via Riding Easy.


Deiquisitor-Downfall Of The Apostates Review


Veterans of the Danish metal scene, Deiquisitor spring to life with Atom Synthesis a song that is filled with crushing riffs and somewhat sharp vocals. The title track is furious, riff charged and brutal. Faint Distorted Images follows a similar pattern bringing distorted rhythms to the fore. Tetrad Of Lunar Eclipses is a marching song, simple and to the point. The Order of Pegasus Light is brutal. The guitars and vocals reinforce this.

Metatron beats down like a ten-tonne hammer, the riffs are filled with sludge and the vocals are brutal. The Magnificence Of is a compelling little song that veers between sheer heaviness and some hint of melody. Planetary Devastation is business as usual. War On The Gods mixes casual death riffs with piercing thrash accuracy.

Fans of death metal will love this album. Be sure to get it now via Dark Descent Records.


Morgengrau-Blood Oracle Review

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Hailing from Texas, this extreme metal band are back with a new death-defying album.

Blood Oracle starts with the title track which is a mix of classic metal riffs and groove with some new blending of groove metal, and crushing vocals. Wolves Of Thirteen is big, bounding and a huge leap from Blood Oracle a solid piece of metal right there. Progression is dark, growling and snarling, the guitars and instrumentation all around suits the tone of the song. Poised At The Precipice of Doom is big, the guitars are big, the drums fill the speakers and the vocals are crushing.

Forced Exodus is filled with swagger, the guitars, the drums all of it moves with a single poised groove that creates the image of invincibility. Invert The Marker is a pounding thrash slab of metal, the guitars and the vocals carry this song. Incipit Bellum is one minute long and a nice break before the storm continues in Evocation Of The Wheel a song that combines crushing riffs with some subtle vocal melodies.

The album will be out June 22nd via Unspeakable Axe Records.

Ritual Necromancy

Ritual Necromancy- Disinterred Horror Review


Portland legends are back with a new slab of hardcore death metal to shake listeners to the core.

To Raise The Writhing Shadows is deep, dark and demonic the guitars create the perfect duel between dark and the monstrous storytelling that has become a feature of the band. Command The Sigil is a brutal onslaught of metal, bringing pounding rhythms and furious guitar licks to the fore. Discarnate Machination is brutal, simply brutal. The guitars claw through one’s eyes, and the vocals make one shiver in fear.

Cymbelleum Eosphorous is a driving sledgehammer of metal. Bringing pure riffage to the table and ensuring that the listener is grabbed and never let go of throughout the duration of the song. Disinterred Horror is a mix of brutal riffs, precise driving rhythms and a punishing vocal line that is sure to get people moshing.

The album comes out on 25th May via Dark Descent Records, be sure to pick it up.



Affasia-Adrift In Remorse Review


Hailing from Richmond, VA home of legends Lamb of God, Affasia bring their new album Adrift In Remorse to the fore.

Songs such as Another Host and Dissolute build on dark themes, the music is haunting and sometimes downright terrifying. It takes sharp turns and moves with the music and the melodies. A sharp contrast to what comes next.

Brittle Sentiment is a pounding riff charged song that carries the band from one plain to a far higher one and ensures that the listener is kept hooked. As You Never Were is dark, gruelling and moody, the guitars and the rhythm section allow the vocals to cast a tale of woe and sorrow.

The album is out now via Transcending Records.


Inkvisitor Interview


  1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?

Inkvisitor means inquisitor in Nordic. It’s not a Finnish word, but the form was chosen because the English word was too common and the current form also represents our northern roots.

In the beginning our influences were for example Pantera, Slayer, Kreator, Nile, Testamant, Helloween, Exodus etc. Nowadays our influences still include our early days, but we have also incorporated some progressive/death/black –vibes too. I believe that our style will evolve drastically on our third record (whenever it’s done, who knows).

  1. How has the band changed since inception?

Completely. I’m the sole member of the original line-up. There’s no drama though, other guys just weren’t that interested or motivated anymore, and fell out gradually. On this new record, there is both old Inkvisitor and new Inkvisitor present. Our previous guitarist and the other founding member Lauri played his parts on the record, and my friend Pekka played the bass on the record on session basis (he’s played on our debut as well since we didn’t have a permanent bassist).

New guys include Tino, our new drum master and Markus, the fiend on the mic. Our new guitarist Mikko & bassist Sakke joined after the recording sessions, so they don’t perform on the actual album.


  1. How do you approach writing and shaping songs?

Traditionally, either me or Lauri (previous guitarist) wrote a song at home with midi-drums and then brought the almost complete song to the rehearsal place. We then tweeked the song and that was it. Me and the vocalist wrote the lyrics.

On the new record I would write myself and lauri would co-write with Tino. I came up with the concept and the story for the album, and me and make wrote the lyrics together.

Since we have a completely new line-up now, I’m looking forward very much on writing new stuff. We will shake up the old routine completely, writing more as a band.


  1. What themes are explored on this new album?


Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals is a concept album, so we have a single one story progressing over the songs. It’s like reading a book, each song is a chapter in that book. The story is a neo-noir murder mystery, but it soon takes a darker turn when occult elements are introduced. Eventually it deals with themes like god complex, anti-religion, inner darkness, social commentary and the hubris inherent in every human.


Even though it’s a story, you can still read opinions and philosophies of the writes between the lines. And follow a awesome story of course.


  1. What songs are you looking forward to playing live from this new album?

We play eight songs live, only ones left out are A Shadow Suspended in Dust (different tuning) and Quagmire Twilight (bonus track, not fitting to play live). So almost the entire record is played live.


  1. What plans do you have for the future?

We’ve been planning a bit for an European tour, it would be sweet to see that happen! Also, I think we’ll start writing new stuff during summer. I’ve been hands full with this release stuff, and since it’s now out, I can direct my focus more on writing.


And of course, we will play shows here in Finland anyhoo!



Jesse Kämäräinen



Thanks for the interview!


SuuM-Buried Into The Grave Review


Suum are Italian doom metal legends, who have proven on this new record that they deserve their place in the pantheon of greatness.

Starting with an absolute monster of a song in Tower of Oblivion, it is clear from the moment the thunder rolls in and the bass and guitars kick in that the band means business. This is an absolutely terrifying piece of metal from the band, and demonstrates their skills and capabilities excellently. Black Mist is a shake through, a story and a journey that is based on a moving set of parts, riffs and melodies that create the ultimate doom metal track. Title track Buried Into The Grave is a chilling piece, mixing groovy, and doom-laden riffs, with precise rhythms and vocal points, it is a song that is sure to get people moving.

Last Sacrifice is a dance through the movements, precise, brilliant and earth-shattering in its simplicity. Seeds of Decay is a slow-moving, growling song that brings out some of the meatiest riffs that have been in metal as of late. The Woods Are Waiting is a patient, precise and slow-moving instrumental track that does much to set an interval between proceedings.  Shadows Haunt The Night is a thumping monster of a song, brimming with riffs and heaviness, filled with potents and all sorts of dark and dangerous things, a sure sign that things are progressing.

The album is out now via Endless Winter and Hellas Records.


Inkvisitor-Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals Review


Hailing from Finland, thrash metal band Inkvisitor are back with their second album.  Starting with the slow sludge and eventual thrashing madness of the title track it becomes clear that the band are here to take names. Second Sacrament is sure to get the fans moshing and headbanging when played live, it has that sort of classic thrash riff that is essential to all good thrash metal songs. A Shadow Suspended by Dust is a slow groove, with a slow build up that explodes into something chaotic and frenetic. The guitars hammer home that point. The Confession is a fast-paced gallop whereby the band allow the vocals to dictate the pace of the song and the ensuing madness. Mindslaver is a cruel mistress, brutal from the beginning, the riffs are fast, the vocals are harsh and the timing is perfect to the core.

Necromancy Cascade is a dance into the surreal, with the bass leading the way initially before the guitars take control and take the listener on a full-throttled adventure through time and space. Paradigm Shift is classic thrash, a big riff, followed by big riff, and chaotic vocal melodies that ensure the listener will be headbanging for a good while. War Is A Path To Victory is a doom swinging song, with big riffs and even bigger vocals. The Revenant (Redeemer) is a mix of big riffs, subtle melodies and ballsy vocals a song that is sure to stand out live. Quagmire Twilight is a subtle twist between one image and the next, the guitars, the bass, the vocals are complete with full bombast.

The album has been released and is available through the band’s bandcamp page.

Fantasy Opus

Fantasy Opus Interview




  1. What inspired the band’s formation and what are your influences?


The band started out as 2 high school friends that played guitar and loved bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Manowar and Iron Maiden, started to jam on weekends…this was around 1997/1998. As the years went by, that turned into a band, and the band just became a more solid structure as we got older and we got to experience more and more music from different bands and artists. Around 2001 we were looking for a studio to record a demo, and by then, we were looking for a name in the same sphere as “Symphony X”. That’s a great name because it sets the tone for the neoclassical progressive type of musical path while staying away from the usual cliché metal band name. So we were looking for something in that realm. We are also very much into the idea of the music being a soundtrack to a story created by us, instead of just making music that sounds cool.

So, we blended both and we got FANTASY OPUS.


Regarding influences, those have changed slightly as the years went by, but most of the influences still seep through our music here and there. They are literally formed by hundreds of bands, from older stuff like Venom and Queen to more modern stuff like Trivium, but for the sake of this interview if we had to point out 5 bands which we think shaped what FANTASY OPUS is today, we would say, Symphony X, Megadeth, Angra, Gamma Ray and Dream Theater.


  1. What was the thinking behind the new album, particularly the concept of The Last Dream Opus?

Well, when looking for inspiration, we searched for something that could metaphorically relate to life, mortality, the pursuit of one’s life goals and spirituality… at some point we figured out that the ocean would be a great metaphor, it is never still, even when at the surface it looks still. It harbours life but also death, it is immense but still finite. It is mighty but also fragile. So all the songs in the album have this backdrop – the ocean – and it is revealed in different ways, depending on the overall theme of the song.

Out of the 11 tracks, 6 of them make up an epic called “The Last Dream”- hence naming the album, and those depict a surreal landscape created within a dream/psyche of a dying old man in his sleep. Again with the backdrop of the ocean and the nautical elements associated to it as a metaphor for reflections on his life journey, spirituality, the sense of individuality and self-discovery.




  1. How do you approach writing and recording your music?

It’s very hard to write music without a strong theme/subject on the background. So we usually start off with the theme, even if it has logical and narrative holes and then the filling of those holes is done in parallel with the music being written. In our case, Marcos Carvalho creates the draft of the songs and then presents them to the rest of the band. We then start to discuss which parts to cut off, which parts to change, which parts are as they should be, and all the arrangements to go with it.



  1. What plans do you have for the future?


At the moment we are focused on promoting “The Last Dream”, as it is something we are very proud of, and receiving praises from everyone that heard it so far. The mid term and long term goals are to keep putting out exciting music and keep expanding the name of the band worldwide, ideally complemented by a few international tours.


Soliloquium -Contemplations Review

Swedish Doom Metal band Soliloquium are back with their new album Contemplations and boy is it an interesting journey.

Starting with the dark and brooding Chains, it is quite clear that the band are shaping their sound, the riffs jangle, and shake as the song progresses, the vocals are harsh and sharp, and filled with a dark energy that makes the band stand out from others. Catharsis is heavy from the get go, with big pounding riffs, and a sharp contrast between that and the lead melodies which appear to be softer and more subtle. Streetlights is an interesting mathematical song, that progresses through rhythms and time changes, whilst building a sense of something heavy and dangerous coming from the other side. Unfulfilling Prophecy begins with an alarm clock before kicking into gear, the dark, droning guitars fit well with the growled vocals of Stefan Nordstrom.

22 is a slower, more melancholic song that reflects different times and changes, the guitars jangle and the vocals are slightly more melodic and sad, think early/middle Bathory. For The Accursed follows a similar pattern and that makes it even more sinister, there’s a real feeling of something dark in the melody and the shape of the song. In Affect is dark and collective, the guitars bring the song to life with their jangling rhythms and their precise riffs. Wanderlust is a dance, think Dream On but on steroids, a fitting closer.

The album will be released on 1st June via Transcending Records.