Twitching Tongues-Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred Review

Twitching Tongues - Gaining Purpose Through Pas...

Though their sound has evolved dramatically since their inception, Twitching Tongues was born of LA’s hardcore scene in 2009. Formed by brothers Colin Young (vocals) and Taylor Young (guitar/vocals) alongside drummer Michael Cesario and bassist Keith Paull, the unit slowly established their reputation locally, embracing the DIY ethic. With their 2010 demo already circulating, their first official release, I & I (Insane & Inhumane) 7″, arrived in 2011, and by the time of July that year rolled around they were touring the US twice annually, also embarking on their first European tour.
It has been seven years since that debut release, and now with Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred, Twitching Tongues return with some seriously heavy metal. The opening track AWOL seems to be a commentary on the state of the world, heavy vocals and guitar riffs lift the song into something fitting of a solid concern opener. Harakiri is another song that would hit the listener hard in a live setting, it has got subtle changes, the boiling riffage of past endeavours and an awesome vocal line. Kill For You is the third in this triumvirate of blinding opening numbers, with vocalist Colin Young really showing off his lyrical chops.

Following up with TFR the band shift gears, now they’re all out with the riffage, the subtleties and the digs, this is another song that deserves an airing live. Forgive and Remember starts off with drums and from there moves into bass and guitar heavy epicness, that is surely deserving of an airing, just with the first three songs on the record. Gaining Purpose is eerie, but also heavy and a mover, one can imagine the number of head banging grooves that will be carved on the dance floor to this song.

Long Gone starts off with piano, painting the image of desolation, then the guitars kick in and true heaviness is reached. The song is a fantastic melding of styles that is sure to be a favourite of fans of the band. The Sound of Pain is a fast song, more in the mould of something like speed metal, than anything else on the record, and it enables the band to show off their different skills. Defection, the final song on the record, starts with a guitar solo, it then moves into heaviness, with solid riffs and soaring vocals that have become a trademark of the band.

This album travels through time and it comes out ringing perfection. I think this is an album that could well launch Twisting Tongues into the recognition they really do deserve. The album is released via Metal Blade Records on 9th March. Be sure to get it.

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