Dautha-Bretheren Of The Black Soil Review

History and metal go very well together, this has been demonstrated countless times. There are numerous epics that are dedicated to historical sagas, bands such as Sabaton have made a living from such a thing. Yet, it is rare for doom to tread these waters. Yet, that is what Dautha do.

The songs bring with them the usual tones and melodies, that one would expect from a doom band, but with the added twist of the vocals being more present than in other releases. Songs such as Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi (translated as Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you) bring such strong inflexions of classical scenes that the listener finds themselves getting immersed in the story. This is further reflected in songs such as Bogbodies and In Between Two Floods.

Brethren Of The Black Soil is a good introductory effort to Dautha, and gives hints of the promise that the band has. Be sure to check it out upon its release on 16th March.

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