Spartan Warrior-Hell To Pay Review

They were forged during the height of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they are Spartan Warrior. Legends who trod a path known to fans of the movement, they released two albums before circumstances beyond their control forced them to split. They returned in 2009 and released a highly acclaimed comeback album, and now they’re back again with Hell to Pay.

Hell To Pay, Bad Attitude, Letting Go, Count of Clowns and Something to Believe in are slabs of hard rock and classic metal that drive the album forward onto solid footing, making for brilliant air guitar and pretend singing. The band is on fire throughout these songs, the guitars are on point and the vocals are spine tingling.

Walls Fall Down and Shadowland brings the haunting riffage to the fore before going into overdrive. Covered in Lust is heaviness personified bringing solidness and attitude to it. Fallen continues the onslaught whilst In Memorium brings something extra through duelling melodies and soulful vocal breaks.

With Hell To Pay, Spartan Warrior shows that they’ve got the goods, and fans should look forward to a long career from these metal heroes. Be sure to purchase the album during its release on February 23rd.

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