The Outfit-The Outfit Review

The Outfit hail from Chicago, a city known for its blues, its soul and its jazz, but rarely its rock. Each member of the band from the Nawara brothers, to Mike Gorman and Andy Mitchell are professional musicians who’ve got decades in the music game. With a love of classic rock and good melodies, they’ve come together to form The Outfit.

From the get-go, it is quite clear where The Outfit takes their influences from. Songs like the Wire, Lucky one and TKO bring a sense of clear melody with hard thumping rock and roll to the centre of the listener’s attention. Soldier Boy has that infectious groove that would make people at the rock gig, or the disco-are they still a thing?- start dancing and moving. There’s a hint of the Foo Fighters about Soldier Boy and Unfolds in that they start either quickly, or slowly, but still have that oomph factor that makes all rock songs great.

Just as One, Miracle, No Lights On and Hot Love close up a stellar album that delivers on its promises, and brings either haunting melodies to the fore or straight up rockers. There is a diversity on this album that can only come from having experience in the game. It is a simply superb collection of songs that would make for a fun listen live.

The Outfit’s debut album will be available everywhere on 2nd February.

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