Empiresfall Interview


I had the pleasure of interviewing Empiresfall this week, we talked about the band’s name, their influences and the new album check it out below:



  1. What’s behind the name, and what were your influences?

Thats the most asked question. 🙂 Well….. As I started the band I was looking for a bandname that sounds powerfull and tragic at the same time. There were many words or names. But Empires Fall was actually my favorite.                 And the reason why its written as one word is …. It looks way better. 😀             So its just for aesthetic reasons.






  1. Where do you get inspiration for song ideas and lyrics?

Thats hard to tell. When it comes to Guitar Riffs, sometimes they just come by.And sometimes I have a melody in my mind and try it to transpose it on guitar. Lyrics are sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle or simetimes I have a story in my mind and try to write it down. I actually write a lot. I have many boxes at home with lyric sheets. 😀 Its good to be prepared.




  1. Is there a theme linking the songs in A Piece For The Blind?

If there is one …than its the theme of the betrayed, Manipulated, restrained, controlled and blind humanity. I guess its a reflection of everything I`ve seen in the past.Cruel governments and politicians who are totally blinded by making profits. Dont care about life or death. The static growing hate, anger and especiallity the lust for war. There was no plan at all to make it a concept album. Of course the songs should fit together by sound and riffing. Lyricly it just happened that way. Its totally different like the previous record.





  1. What plans have you got for the future?

After the release( Februar 16.2018 ) date we try to doing shows as much as we can. We also  have a Music Video in the making. And also prepare for the next record. But thats in the future 😉




Thank you so much for the interview and for your support.

Cheers and way more beers

  Franky C.

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