EmpiresFall- A Piece To The Blind Review

EmpiresFall hail from Hamburg, Germany, the home of a great many metal bands, and since their formation have produced a highly praised EP and a highly praised debut album. Now, they’re back with their second album, and with many metal albums have got the perfect cover for the message they are trying to convey.

With songs like Betrayers, In Decay and Blood From The Sky, the band are setting a new benchmark, bringing with them solid chops, and a proper vocal melody. And this carries on in songs such as Bloodshed and Chaos and Wasteland, with Wasteland containing an element of Alone in the Dark by Testament.

Enemy of Mine and a Piece for the Blind demonstrate the heavy and melodic sides equally for EmpiresFall bringing the album to a superb conclusion. And making it evidently clear that EmpiresFall are a band that has the right cards in place to truly create something special.

The album is out on 16th February, be sure to make your purchase.

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