Anvil-Pounding The Pavement Review

Anvil, the name itself invokes heavy metal, the band who belong to that name, -or is the name that belongs to the band?- have been doing solidly since 1981, when they first broke ground. They are the band that got Anthrax started, that provided the influence for countless metal and rock bands throughout the decades, and they are the band, who despite fortune being a bitch, and countless other things, have kept going. Persevering when the world told them to stop, they stuck the middle finger up and kept going.  And now, they’re back, Pounding the Pavement is their newest release and boy is it a blinder.

From the get-go, there is a real solid feel to the album. Bitch In The Box seems like a commentary on the issues with Siri and other such technological innovations and is a humorous rocker for an opener. Ego, continues the trend, bringing the thrash to the record, a headbanger that is sure to get people going when played live. Doing What I Want has echoes of another ‘fuck the mainstream’ band Motorhead, and that is a high compliment, vocalist Lips is on fire throughout the song.

The fire and energy continues in Smash Your Face, the title track Pounding The Pavement, Rock That Shit and Let It Go. With the entire band sounding on fire, brimming with energy that would put a lot of younger bands to shame. Then there’s Nanook Of The North, Black Smoke and World of Tomorrow, delivering slabs of fist pounding metal for mass consumption. Warming Up and bonus track Don’t Tell Me bring an absolute belter of an album to a close.

Anvil, they are band that continue to persevere regardless of what others tell them. They never give up, and they never give in. And with Pounding The Pavement, their spirit shows in fine mettle. Do yourself a favour, when this album comes on 19th January, buy it. You won’t regret it.

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