Apostle Of Solitude-From Gold To Ash Review

Doom metal, inspired by Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer originally, has now got countless influences reigning through it. It is a genre that has brought great joy to many, and terrified parents and authority figures alike. Apostle of Solitude is a band that has a special place in the movement, having got a neat trick of releasing an album every four years, their fourth album From Gold To Ash comes four years after their third album Of Woe and Wounds. A highly anticipated album for fans of the band and the doom metal scene, it is the first record the band has done for Italian Label Cruz Del Sur Music.

From the off, with the opening number Overlord, it becomes clear that there is something fresh about the band. They aren’t going to be treading down the usual tropes that so often haunt doom metal. This is proven correct by the next track Autumn Moon, which is melodic and haunting, the perfect movement into the hard-hitting Ruination Be Thy Name. After such a stellar introduction, many doom bands would be tempted to repeat the formula, but Apostle does something different.  They move into epic territory with the epic Monochrome, then shift into overdrive by Keeping The  Lighthouse.

The music as with all good music has the backing of solid vocals, brilliant guitars, and pounding drums. I believe, that this album will be the album that takes Apostle Of Solitude out of the underground and into the mainstream metal wise. Be sure to buy it when it comes out on 23rd February.

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