Old Mother Hell-Old Mother Hell Review

What’s in a name? That’s the question a lot of bands ask themselves when they’ve first formed and are trying to decide where they sit in the music spectrum. It happens regardless of whether you play rock music, metal music, pop music, or even rap and hip hop. A name helps set the impression of the sort of band you are, it can help draw people to you. With a name like Old Mother Hell, Ronald Senft and Ruben André have achieved that. The name makes you stand up and pay attention, wondering what sort of things will come from such a band.

There are six songs on this record, and every single one of them is a hell-raiser. Songs like Mountain, start slowly before picking up the pace, displaying the roaring tenacity of this three-piece band. Narcotic Overthrow is a thoughtful piece, that brings lyrical punch to proceedings as does Another War. Howling Wolves and Kneel To No God are breakneck in their intensity and musical integrity. And then the final song Old Mother Hell brings everything to a climax, with thrills, energy and pure talent.

Old Mother Hell have gotten something very good here. They’ve delivered pulsating and intriguing metal whilst not going overboard. The songs are clear and concise, the production is excellent and the vocals and instruments are precise and beautifully used. Give this album a listen when it is released on 23rd February. 10/10.

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