Accuser-The Mastery Review

Accuser are legends, on the same plain as Kreator, when it comes to being the founding fathers of German Thrash Metal, and Thrash Metal in general. Their catalogue needs no introduction but simply put, they have never delivered a bad album, in this writer’s humble opinion.  Two years since their last release, The Forlorn Divide, they are back, with a new album entitled The Mastery.

Opening track Mission:Missile really sets the tone for the record, as any good opening song should. It starts with sirens wailing and the guitars and drums beating in time together-think Hit The Lights- before moving into the pulsating rhythms that Accuser are known for. The Real World is lyrical heaviness, with melodies thrown in for good measure. Two songs in it is clear that Accuser are not going to be skimping on the heaviness. For good measure, Solace In Sorrow is thrown in to reinforce this.

Time for Silence and My Skin whilst not being slow songs by any means are definitely more reflective-if that is the right word- than the previous numbers, and as such deliver all the more bite because of that. Really, the band sounds in fighting form here, and that means these songs will translate well when played live. Harmonies abound on later songs, demonstrating the skills of guitarists Dennis and Frank.

The Mastery, is a good record to use to introduce someone to the quality that is Thrash Metal, and would serve as a useful springboard into the band’s catalogue as well. As a new record, it is clear that the songs here come from the heart and symbolise a band in their element.

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