Ignore The Sign-A Line To Cross Review

Ignore the Sign are a classic rock band with the hint of a supergroup in them, their members have been playing the rock and roll trade for a very long time between them. And their style draws heavily from the rock bands of the past. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Ossy Pfeiffer who is also the singer for the group, the album sounds clean and crisp, as if made during rock’s heydey.

From the moment opening track Saviours of Rock comes through the speakers, one knows almost instantly that this album is going to be a good one. Filled with melodies, big choruses and solid rhythms, the opening number would go down well at live shows, and stadium shows. A Line To Cross continues this big bombastic trend, from a subtle intro to full blaring rock.  The album has its moments of pure grandeur which make it all the more special. Songs like No Way Home, Brother and Story Isn’t Over will go down as live favourites that are for sure.

The guitar playing is on point, precise, clear and with none of the frills and unnecessary embellishment that might be a problem in other bands. The vocals are clear and proud, defiant and true. The drums beat in time and fit the rhythm of the songs perfectly. And of course the production is crisp, everything is balanced.


All in all this record is a brilliant debut if they can keep this up, Ignore The Sign have a great future ahead of them. 10/10

You’d be a fool not to buy this record when it comes out 23rd February via Steamhammer/SPV

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