Vojd-The Outer Ocean

Vojd’s EP Behind The Frame showed what the band could do, they brought the big guns, melody, cruising riffs, and charging rhythms which got the listener hooked. And now, many months later, they’re back with their album The Outer Ocean. Taking a homage from bands like Queen, they’ve gone for a band shot, the four of them looking forlornly into the abyss as it were.

From the get go, when Break Out comes roaring out over the speakers, one can tell that this is going to be a memorable album. Songs such as On An Endless Day Of Everlasting Winter, and Heavy Skies confirm this. Solid slabs of meaty rock and roll, that are sure to get people moving when played live. But that’s not the only thing that Sweden’s finest bring, they bring that great hallmark of a great band, diversity.

On The Run, Delusions In The Sky and Secular Wire are proof that the band can bring melody and thoughtfulness into their repertoire, and with vocalist Joseph Tholl’s vocals being absolutely killer the songs come out sounding monstrous.  The guitar playing by Peter and Linus contains melody, soul and bite, truth be told, this band deserves every accolade that goes their way and more.

The Outer Ocean built on what Behind The Frame showed. Vojd have soul, they have heart, and by god do they have the goods. This record is one that will reverberate for many a rock listener. Do yourself a favour, when the record comes out on 23rd February via High Roller Records, buy it. You won’t regret it. 10/10.

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