Cruthu-The Angle Of Eternity Review

The first thing that one notices about Cruthu is their name, it is unusual and also quite cool. It brings about an image of some mystical and mythical beast, perhaps from Tolkein or Lovecraft. The album cover shows people either praising or fleeing from a black sun as well, and that in of itself is metal as anything. Now for the music.

The band hail of Lansing, Michigan, and their influences are clearly being shown on this record. Songs such as Lady of the Lake and Bog of Kildare contain hints of the NWOBHM styles of Witchfinder General and the grooves of Black Sabbath. Whilst songs such as From The Sea and Seance are mixed enough to bring about a whole host of influences. Throughout the album, vocalist Ryan Evans sounds like some sort of God, his vocals the right mixture of gritty and soaring.

The guitar skills of Dan McCormick are amply demonstrated throughout the record, but especially on the song Seance, a song that is sure to get people grooving when it is played live. With this album, Cruthu have set a new standard, any band in the doom and ethereal field will now need to meet it.

I look forward to seeing these guys out on the road, and do yourself a favour, buy the record when it comes out on 23rd February. 9/10.


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