KB36-Fake Review

Fake is KB36’s second album, and as the title suggests, the music and the lyrics are about searching for authenticity in a world that seems comprised of falsehoods and lies.

This is best embodied by the songs Fake and Who Cares, which imbue the anger that many people are feeling at the moment. Then there is Give Me More which seems to be an ode to the greediness of a great many of the masses, and the hellish quest many embark on to achieve some form of twisted satisfaction and pleasure.

Rock The Boat, seems as the title implies to be about going against the norm, changing things up and causing a stir. A song that would bring hope to many who feel that everything is too similar nowadays.

Fake is definitely an intriguing album, at first I was unsure of what to make of it, but after another listen, I caught onto what was being tried here, and found I liked it. I encourage anyone interested in new takes on rock to check this album out on 26th January.

Seasons Of The Wolf

Seasons Of The Wolf-Last Act Of Defiance

Seasons of The Wolf’s album cover appears to be a mission statement, a wolf giving the finger to some monstrosity, guitar clutched in hand. A defining statement of metal, if ever there was one.

The album has some absolute shredders on it. Songs such as Solar Flare and Desert Night Sky deserve a long rotation in the setlist, and on every good metalhead’s playlist. Songs such as Centuries of Pain and Fool’s Gold add nuance to the record, and keep it sounding fresh and original.

Last Act of Defiance has a credible feel to it, the sort of feel that would make anyone listen want to tap their foot to the music and headbang. And of course the true test of time, is whether Seasons will continue to produce such high quality. I think they will.


Anguish-Magna Est Vis Suignah Review

Anguish, with the haunting front album cover, and the name itself, evoke strong images, heavy images. As with any band that has such a strong image and presence through sleeve work, the question arises over whether the music matches the presentation.

The answer to that question is an emphatic yes. Songs such as Blessed Be The Beast, and the title track bring about elements of haunting Celtic Frost, whilst mixing with Candlemass, stringing together songs of such epic proportion they are going to cause a stir in every true headbanger’s ears. These songs, are songs that would make Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler proud.

A truly sterling effort. 8/10.

Weight Of The Tide

Weight Of The Tide Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the guys in Weight of the Tide to discuss their album and the band’s past, present and future:

1.     What inspired the name of the band, what are your influences?

I wish I could say there’s a deep meaning to it. In reality it just came to me one day, as cliche as that sounds. I like the ambiguous nature of it and hope people can draw their own conclusions.
We have a wide array of influences. All brands of metal, rock, some jazz…we all listen to just about anything and each member bring their own spice to the table. 

2.     You’ve all been in various bands over the years, how has that shaped how you work with one another and how you approach live and studio performances?

I guess we all know what we want and how to achieve that. It’s not our first rodeo ya know? We have a great chemistry and work together to build the best songs that we can. Playing live we just do our thing and let the music do the talking for the most part. For the studio we try to be as prepared and rehearsed as possible then follow whatever ideas the environment presents to us.

3.     Where do you get inspiration for lyrics?

Speaking for myself, I tend to write for the mood of the song. I don’t have any agenda or message to the words I write. It’s more of a mood. Jes and I didn’t consult each other much when writing our individual parts for the album, but we seemed to be on a similar wave length. So that worked out pretty well.

4.     What is the song For All Tomorrows about?

I think it’s about time, age, mortality and acceptance of the inevitable. Not in a depressing way just a matter of fact way. Enjoy every moment because they’re not  guaranteed.

5.     What plans do you have for the future?

Right now we’re very excited to have the album out and seeing people’s reaction to it. We’re working on some things, show-wise, for 2018 and are in the early stage of writing new songs now. We won’t be slowing down that’s for sure. 


Revenge Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Esteban from Revenge:

  1. Revenge is quite the name, is there a meaning behind it?

Thx a lot for interview. The name of the band born in the line of vengeance since the first time when we think in a band of Black Thrash metal, initially. We think the name in Spanish: “Vengador”, but later we change to Revenge. For us mean a lot of things, specially, the Revenge of the classic sounds in Metal to all modern sound and genres. This is the way.

  1. Being from Colombia, what were some of the things that influenced you starting out? Do they still influence you now?

Colombia have a big history in metal and in extreme metal. In the 80”s  some band from Colombia blow a lot of ears in Europe.  Bands like Mayhem, just to give an example, were always motivated and attracted to the sounds created in Colombia with respect to Metal. Although this is not a direct influence of us, we always wanted to have a band that could also achieve an effect in the world’s Metal scenes, this is how today many people outside of Colombia in different countries, especially in Europe and Asia, like our music and support us. Maybe the most important influence for we start a band was the passion that we have for classic Heavy Metal.


  1. Would you say there’s an overarching theme in Spitting Fire?

Well, I believe is the feeling of rise in the war. This may sound weird but we always think that the sounds of classic metal and old school metal can give and fight a battle in a world where there are so many new genres and so many mixes between classic and modern genres. We will always stay in the classic metal line and that, in part, is also what the song spitting fire says.  “We will stand  Spitting Fire”, while we are able, active, without weakening and with the band working, in the line of a classic Metal that we like, we are passionate and that we hope that captivates also the metal maniacs of the world.


  1. Do you have a favourite song from the record?

For me and im sure that too is a favorite song of the other members of the band, is the song: “Rise of The Braves”. It may be that we really enjoyed composing this song and making some arrangements in order to make the sound we wanted. Especially in the work of voices and guitars. This is one of the topics that we have enjoyed to the fullest when we played live in the last two months.



  1. What plans do you have for the future?

Well, for the future we have some plans, but not always things is going like we want. Initially we hope that this release will be appreciate a lot for all metal maniacs in Metal Scenes, specially in Europe, because our label Iron Shield Records from Germany make the official reissues in LP & CD Format. Maybe in next year we plan some gigs in Europe and keep playing in other sides where the band can be invited. Always keep on compossing new songs ans think in new ideas. This was our seventh album, and maybe I believe will be many more.


Eynomia Interview

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris and Phyllis from Eynomia:

1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?
The name Eynomia comes from (Eunomia) who is the goddess of goodness and justice.  Phyllis is really into Greek mythology.   The name fits they type of genera we are, symphonic rock/metal.
(Chris) As a guitarist i love many styles from blues rock to metal .. but for this band from a guitar approach we were hoping to capture a classic sound with a modern edge so the more raw sound of bands like Queensryche and Judas priest were felt but also visiting the touch of bands like Within Temptation and Nightwish. This gives the band its full sound and also giving us musical dynamics with the use of Jimmy’s keyboards expertise and the excellent melodies of the vocals thanks to Phyllis of course.
(Phyllis) And we can’t forget Gitaeno’s epic drum tacks and the melodic bass lines of the infamous Mike LePond!
2. Could you talk through the process of writing and recording the new record?
 (Chris) hahaha lots and lots of back and forth on the internet and phone calls discussing arrangements and parts.everyone was very generous with their time and contributed perfectly.
3. You’ve all had experience elsewhere, does that help shape the way you interact with one another?
 (Chris) Yes i think we get along really well after many years in the music business i think we all really just get down to business when we need to but we still have fun !! i do think we have some great chemistry and it shows in the songs.
 (Phyllis) These have got to be some of the nicest most professional musicals that i’ve been privileged to work with. It was the most amazing experience to see the songs grow into what they have become. I’m really looking forward to the next album.
4. What’s your favourite song from the new record?
 (Chris) Its a tie for me “Someday” and “When its over”
( Phyllis) I like the title track “Break Free” and “Till We Meet Again” cause Chris does this killer solo in the middle of it. Also Jimmy does an AMAZING job playing piano on the ballad, “Through Your Eyes” and his solo makes me cry almost every time i hear it.
5. What plans do you have for the future?
(Both) Definitely another album… shows if feasible.. we would love to do some festivals. Where ever we can go! The sky’s the limit!

Revenge-Spitting Fire review

REVENGE was formed in 2002, in that infamous city Medellin, Colombia, to play speed metal. They’ve had a colourful career and are now back with their new album.

Spitting Fire truly lives up to their mission statement, there are big ballsy riffs, soaring vocals, and driving rhythms. Songs such as Heavy Metal Friends, Thirst of Avenge, Rise of The Braves and Spitting Fire all add credence to this.

This is an album that requires being played at eleven, and even louder if possible. It will get your head moving, your heart racing, and your fists pumping. It is a true speed metal album and an absolute classic in the making.


Miskatonic Union

Miskatonic Union-Astral Quest

Formed in Chile in 2014 when two friends decided to put their heavy metal influences together with their love of HP Lovecraft, Miskatonic Union bring something unique to the heavy metal table. Astral Quest, contains some of the coolest, and most unique sounding music from a band of this type, that has been heard in years.

Awakening the opening track starts with an acoustic and electric jam,  before moving into an absolute belter of a riff and stomp, Road To The Mountains of Madness continues this trend, as does Bushido Ninja, one gets the feeling that Miskatonic Union are not keeping anything back, they’re going full throttle and you either like it or get out.

This continues throughout the album with songs Nostradamus, Astral Wings and Captain Sparrow bringing punch and energy to the listener’s ears. This album really is something special, and that’s not just platitudes, genuinely, this album is exciting, and invigorating.

If you’re a fan of metal check this album out when it is released on Friday, 26th January.

Meden Again

Meden Again-Catharsis

Meden Again hail from Greece, and on their fourth album Catharsis, they have truly embraced themselves. The front cover of the album is that of demonic preachers and burning crosses. Ominous imagery, and something that fits well with the theme of the music.

With recommendations from Nightwish and Within Temptation, the band comes highly recommended indeed, and as Catharsis the intro fades into Purge, one can see why. There is a good blend of riffage, and melodic vocals conveying the right sense of anger and hope mixed into one that is sorely needed in these desperate times. Cleanse Their Sins continues on this track, and truly adds something magical to the metal repertoire.

Truly heavy moments can be found on Salvation, Veil of Faith and A Curse Unfolding which sees the band travel into growls, screams and the dense hopelessness that some might feel today. A true statement of purpose.

Catharsis is an album meant to be listened to loudly, it draws on all the great themes of metal, and brings them into a modern formula. Truly it is a solid record and one deserving of praise. Keep an eye on these guys, they are destined for hugeness. 10/10.





Eynomia-Break Free Review

Eynomia hail from the USA, a land known for producing a great many talents, and leaders in the symphonic metal genre. Break Free, is the band’s introduction to the wider world and to this writer.

Songs such as Cleansing and Someday Maybe, bring a raw punch that has often been found wanting in some metal releases in recent years, whilst songs such as Till We Meet Again and Break Free allow lead singer Phyllis Rutter to really show off her vocals.

Guitarist Chris Bickley shines throughout the album but on songs such as Cleansing, Through Your Eyes, Let It Go and When Its Over, he really lets rip, adding an extra dimension to the songs that might have otherwise have been missing.

Eynomia are made up of legends of the genre, and with such talent, there are those who might be forgiven in thinking it would not work. They are rightly proven wrong. Break Free is a stellar work, that blends elements of classical metal, symphonic metal and soaring vocals all in one to bring a classic album. When this album is released on Friday, 26th January, be sure to pick it up. 10/10.