SEAX Speed Metal Mania/ To The Grave

In the modern music world, metal has often been pushed to the back, it has been ridiculed and called all sorts of things. For speed metal and thrash, that is also the case. Amongst the metal community, it takes a lot to get a band noticed and recognised for doing something fresh and new. SEAX is a band who are unafraid of showing their hand and going full pelt, here on Speed Metal Mania they show just what they’re made of.

Songs such as Speed Metal Mania, Forged By Metal and Leather and Spikes really highlight the skill and technique that the band have. It is easy to play songs fast, punk rock showed that, but to be able to play songs at a fast tempo and with skill and dexterity and to keep everything in sync? That takes skill, a skill that Seax have demonstrated in spades throughout the nineteen songs on the record.

With nineteen songs, one might think it an ode to opulence and grandstanding, but it works. Each song brings new and fresh things to the speed metal table and ensures that the listener is not left short staffed or without something to fit their palette. A great album that is sure to bring the band a great many listeners. Released on 8/12/17 be sure to purchase it. 9/10.

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