Hooded Priest-The Hour Be None Review


A huge part of the Dutch and Flemish doom scene, Hooded Priest have always attracted attention thanks to their heaviness and the crunch of their tone and vocal deliverance. They are a band that is worth following, a band that stands out from the crowd.

Starting with Dolen-Exiting The Real, it is clear that Hooded Priest has been communicating with some sort of external being. The intro is reminiscent of a call to the devil from some classic horror movie. Call For The Hearse is reminiscent of Black Sabbath, but with the added kick that the band know more and more about the direction they are going. The riffs compliment the vocal lines and the vocal lines are excellent in conveying the heaviness of what is coming. These Skies Must Break starts with an echoing bass line, it moves into the sort of doom metal that would make the most avid Sabbath fan wet themselves with joy.

Herod Again is a faster song, bringing elements of Pentagram and seventies stoner rock to the fore. An absolute belter and one sure to get the crowd going. Locust Reaper is a delightful slab of doom metal, slow, eerie, and intimidating, it is the perfect soundtrack to a doomy day. Mother of Plagues is the final song on the record, a more mid-tempo song and one that brings elements of Grunge and Sabbath and other classic metal bands, it is a fitting closer to an absolute belter of an album.

The Hour Be None is sure to be a classic doom record, it has certainly intrigued this reviewer, and I will be sure to keep an eye out for more of their records. It is out on 1st December, be sure to get your copy!


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