Starblind-Never Seen Again

Starblind hail from Stockholm, Sweden and their blend of classic Heavy Metal has won them fans across the world. Their new album Never Seen Again has gotten positive feedback thanks to the title track’s galloping heart.

The Everlasting Dream of Light starts off slowly, with a fade in, before moving into a galloping rhythm and an epic vocal section that would make Bruce Dickinson wet himself. The Shadow Out Of Time contains elements of all classic metal, the rhythms are catchy, the melodies are on point and the feel is just too good. Pride and Glory has the duelling guitars from paradise and the vocal hook that Maiden forgot, it is quite simply a belter. Eternally Bound starts slowly, it is a contemplative song allowing all members of the band a good showing and a chance to make their mark. Tears Of A Soldier is fast, a rocker with ballsy lyrical content and solos that make a guitarist get a solid one.

Never Seen Again has a big build up, and once it moves into the song properly, it delivers, solid punches, hammering down on everyone’s senses, an anthem that will get crowds rocking and rolling. Avarice (The Fourth Circle) contains some of the best guitar work on the record, on point, sharp and focused, it kicks some serious ass. Demon Rider is a slower number, with a slight chromatic feeling, it sends shivers down one’s spine. Insanity and Genius a song with such a unique title, deserves the unique blending of time signature, melting vocals and face melting guitar riffs that are part and parcel of Starblind’s work. The Last Stand is at seven minutes and fifty seconds long, suitably epic, it contains ballsy riffs, slower moments, and face melting moments as well.

Starblind have hit a solid gem here, they’ve brought something new and refreshing to the metal genre in a way that no other band has. Never Seen Again deserves a lot of airplay and deserves a lot of accolades. Be sure to purchase it when it comes out November 24th. 10/10



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