Heretic: A Game You Cannot Win, Review.

Heretic, were formed in 1984 in LA, whilst LA became synonymous with glam metal bands such as Motley Crue and Poison, Heretic were a thrash band. A band that could riff and head bang with the best of them. They released an ep and a album through Metal Blade records, before splitting up in the late 1980s. They reformed in 2011, and issued a comeback album titled A Time of Crisis in 2012. A Game You Cannot Win is their third studio album.

Starting with chatter and a menacing clean intro, before moving in a heavy gallop and burning vocals, This World Called Hell is the perfect album opener. A mission statement of unbridled thrashing ambition. A Game You Cannot Win continues this spirt, bringing big guitars, blast beats, epic choruses and a real live feel. Demonised is next, a head moving, speaker shaking guitar riff, drum pounding song, that is one that will definitely stand out live. Broken Hero, contains ballsy riffs, anthemic lyrics, a roaring solo and an acoustic outro that adds a nice little touch to things.

Never Added Up begins slowly, thought provoking melodies and guitar solo, before stepping up several gears and becoming a monster of a song with driving guitar riffs and anthemic lyrics and choruses, a song that has to get a live airing. Relentless, is a riff rager, an absolute thrasher. Before the Fall, has a slight Sabbath feel to it, if Sabbath were mixed with Megadeth, potentially about Lucifer, a good metal standard. Master At Her Game, about the female wiles, solid tribal drum beats and driving rhythms make this a real belter of a song.

Immaculate Deception starts with a massive chordal opening, before moving into a running rhythm that makes the listener want to head bang, a song that should get its fair airing live. Annihilate is a thrash classic, big rhythms, solid gallops and screaming vocal lines, another live classic. And then there is the final song on the record Everything’s About To Change. Heavy, filled with swagger, a brilliant closer.

A Game You Cannot Win is a brilliant album. It brings so many thrashers to the table that it is hard to decide which one is the best song on the album. They are all songs that should get an airing live, and will do wonders to bring a whole new set of fans to the band. 9/10.

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