Quartz Interview

Image result for quartz bandQuartz were formed in 1974, in Birmingham, UK, they were considered part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and have had a profound impact on a good two generations of metal and rock bands that have emerged since their forming. Their latest album ‘Fear No Evil’ was released in 2016, and I was lucky enough to sit down with drummer Malcolm Cope to talk about the album and much more.


  1. What Inspired the Name, and what were your influences?


“Originally we were called Bandy Legs, but when we were with Jet Records, they didn’t quite think that was a name that would really get us much traction, so they suggested a name change. Ronnie Fowler who had helped Queen break through when he was with EMI, was flipping through a book on rocks when he landed on Quartz, he recommended the name, and we discussed it and agreed, and that’s how we changed our name. As for our influences, well growing up in Birmingham during the sixties, there was a really vibrant music scene, The Beatles, and the whole Rock ‘n’ Roll thing was something that really inspired us as kids growing up.”


  1. Compared to when you first started out recording, what do you think has changed in your thought process and recording mannerisms?


“When we started out everything was recorded on tape, and there was a limit to how much you could actually put onto it, consequently, as time went by we learned how to manipulate things, something that we learned from The Beatles and bands like that. The longer we were around, the more things expanded and changed, eight track, sixteen track, thirty-two and sixty-four tracks came about, then digital came around.  And it was really a case of just getting used to the different types of recording. When we reformed, we learned it all over again.”


  1. How has the loss of Geoff Nichols changed the band?


“He was one of the main writers to the band, and obviously he can never be replaced, but I think that with his passing, there will be a chance for the focus to move to other people, and allow them to adapt and grow as writers now. And obviously as a band we will now need to think about what direction we want to go in.”


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


“We’re currently recording a new album, some of which is stuff Geoff recorded before he passed away. We’re planning on finishing it as a tribute to him and our time together. We all write stuff and collaborate on songs, so it should be a fun time.”

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