Labour Big Wigs Attend Campaign Event In Erdington

As the campaign season comes toward its conclusion with the election on 8th June, members of Parliament are stepping up their game and campaigning across the country to build support for themselves and their fellow party MPs. One such event took place at the Premier Training College in Erdington today (31st May, 2017) with dozens of committed members of the local community turning up to listen to Erdington MP Jack Dromey and Tottenham MP David Lammy speak.

The crowd hung onto the two MPs every word, as they spoke passionately about why Labour was the party to vote for in the upcoming general election. Both MPs stated time and time again that it was Labour who had introduced the NHS, that it was Labour who had worked hard when in government to ensure that there was greater social cohesion and inclusiveness and that it was Labour who had worked hard to ensure that those from less well-off backgrounds had access to ladders to future success. Both MPs admitted that Labour had made mistakes, but that the party was willing to face up those mistakes and learn from them, and avoid repeating them, something they were both convinced the Conservatives never would.

Shortly after the two MPs had finished speaking, the floor was opened for questions. A businessman named Anthony asked what Labour would do to ensure proper support for the local community in Erdington and why Labour was worthy of his and others vote. Mr Dromey responded that he had done much to help improve the local community in Erdington and had campaigned tirelessly to help members of his constituency, he promised more of the same if elected. Mr Lammy stated that Labour was the only party that sought to represent everyone, and to truly protect the interests of the many, not the few.

Another businessman asked what Mr Dromey would do about the increased parking charges he was having to pay for his business. Mr Dromey gave a clear and concise answer that he would seek to work with the council if re-elected to ensure that every voice was heard and a proper and well thought out solution could be heard.

The event was rounded up with a lady named Hannah asking a pressing question about immigration and tuition fees. Both Mr Dromey and Mr Lammy were insistent that if Labour won the election they would seek to abolish tuition fees and to ensure that immigration was managed in a fair and reasonable manner.

Afterwards, Mr Lammy gave a final speech about why Labour could do a lot of good for the people of Erdington and the people of the United Kingdom, pointing to their record as the bringers of social inclusion and opportunity, and being the proponents for a fair and just society. The event ended with applause from the audience and a real sense that come 8th June, Erdington might well vote Labour.

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