Vote In The West Midlands Mayoral Election!

Today is the voting day for the West Midlands Mayoral Election. This is a very important election for the West Midlands.  For too long London has dictated policy to the area and the city council has simply bowed its head and gone along with it. The West Midlands has suffered as a consequence. Now we have the chance to take some initiative and ensure that the person or people making policy are actually living in the area and are aware of what exactly the issues facing the people of the West Midlands are.

The West Midlands Mayor will have control over transport, housing and economic policy. Considering how dire the situation regarding all three issues is within the West Midlands,  this is a very important position. All candidates have come out with manifestos highlighting how they would address these issues, from Andy Street’s rail links between Birmingham City Centre and Moseley to Sion Simon’s right to work schemes for the young, and Beverley Nielsen’s shop and buy local schemes.

Each candidate has spent time meeting with residents of the West Midlands to discuss the key issues they feel need to be addressed within the area. All of the candidates are determined to make the best of Brexit. All seem passionate about the region. Now it is just down to the people of the West Midlands to get out and vote.

Please do not give up this chance to influence the shape the governance of this region takes. Vote, and justify your faith in the democratic process.  We have been given a brilliant opportunity, do not waste it.

Voting booths are open till ten in evening today!


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