Election Time: How The Three Parties Stack Up

Last week the three main parties in Britain and Northern Ireland released their manifestos. It seems that the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour all agree that the key areas of policy for a future government will be: the economy, housing, healthcare and Brexit.  With two weeks to go until the general election on 8th June,... Continue Reading →

Strong and Stable: Conservative Manifesto

The last of the main parties to launch their manifesto, the Conservatives celebrated the release of their party platform with launch event on Thursday 18th May, at Halifax, a traditional Labour seat, which has over years become a swing seat, meaning it could go either way. As with her campaign events, Theresa May was the... Continue Reading →

Liberal Democrat Manifesto: Key Policies

The Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto for the upcoming general election on Wednesday 17th May. In this article, their four key policies and the details of these four policies will be highlighted.  After extensive research and reading, the four key policies of this manifesto are: the economy, Brexit, health and social scare and housing. The... Continue Reading →

Labour Launches Ambitious Manifesto

On Tuesday 16th May, the Labour party launched their manifesto, and with three weeks to go until the general election 8th June, it has come at an opportune moment. The four policies that really stand out in the manifesto, are the economy, Brexit, healthcare and housing.  This article will seek to explore the key proposals... Continue Reading →

Local Democracy: Is It Good?

Local democracy is heralded by some as a way of lessening the control Westminster and London in general exerts over the UK. It is seen as a way of bringing greater interest and participation in politics, after all, the reasoning goes, people are more likely to get out and vote if they are voting for... Continue Reading →

Andy Street’s Key Pledges

Andy Street, the former John Lewis boss, and the Conservative candidate for West Midlands Mayor, surprised many when he won the mayoral election on Thursday 4th May. Mr Street won the election on the back of making several promises to bring change and improvement to the West Midlands, and to ensure that the region was... Continue Reading →

Vote In The West Midlands Mayoral Election!

Today is the voting day for the West Midlands Mayoral Election. This is a very important election for the West Midlands.  For too long London has dictated policy to the area and the city council has simply bowed its head and gone along with it. The West Midlands has suffered as a consequence. Now we... Continue Reading →

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